1st Impression Post- Mental Health Treatment

For this week’s first impression post I chose to do option two which looked at Michelle Obama’s mental health awareness campaign. The webpage has a really nice design and plenty of options to choose from, but as far as its effectiveness, I am not too sure. Yeah, its nice to have websites like these out there, and yeah it may be helpful for some, but a lot of people that have mental health problems do not want to admit they need help. So the people that really need the help most likely will not go looking for this webpage to find it. They will most likely go to people they care about. I do not think this campaign is bad; I think there should definitely be more awareness about mental health because there shouldn’t be a stigma around it like there is now. If the campaign helps one person who is in need of help, then I think that it should be a campaign worth keeping. It shows different ways that people are reaching out to bring awareness, and it has a page that is devoted to people pledging to know the five signs of emotional suffering and to change the culture surrounding mental health, mental illness, and wellness. You can make the pledge as just a single person or you can sign it with more people as part of a group. Overall, I think it is a good start for the campaign, but I think they have a lot more to do to bring awareness to many more people.


2 thoughts on “1st Impression Post- Mental Health Treatment”

  1. I think more of what the campaign is focused around is getting the message to the general population that mental illness is common and there are way we can help each other. I would agree that someone dealing with a mental illness is unlikely to go to this site to help them, but that is not the main purpose of the information on the site. The campaign’s initiative isn’t about mental health treatment, exactly, but has more of a focus on increasing awareness. Ideally, with the information available on the site, a person dealing with a mental issue will have a support group that is better educated about warning signs and more careful in approaching the issue. Many of the warning signs highlighted by the campaign site are similar to the symptoms of depression we reviewed in class, like physical slowing down, sleeping trouble, irritability, and loss of interest and motivation. I agree that it’s up to the recipients of this information to put it to good use, but you can say that about nearly any information that isn’t enforced by law. The way we react to mental health problems in ourselves or in others is completely up to us, but I think it is great that there are campaign with as much support as this that can help all people address the issue better. I think that by getting the word out to young people that mental health doesn’t need to be stigmatized with allow more of them to seek help or admit they need help without feeling the same kind of shame that’s surrounded mental health issues in the past. The campaign, if picked up by public schools, I think will be very effective in removing that stigma and encouraging young people to care for their own and others’ mental health the same way they would approach physical health.


  2. I agree with you that there are a lot of people that this might not help. Like you said, a lot of people with mental illness are not either not willing to admit or do not know they have it. In this case, a webpage really does not help. I think that this is more for people who know someone has a mental illness. It seemed like there were a lot of tips for detecting one in someone else. I also agree that the website does a good job of raising awareness. It gives a lot of good information that could probably help a lot of people. For that reason, the campaign is doing a good job. The pledging was a pretty cool idea. Usually websites only have pledges to donate money and stuff like that so it is interesting to see one where people pledge to know something. You are right when you say they have a long way to go but this is definitely a good start. It will bring awareness and while it may not help everyone, it will help some and that is very important.


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