Thanksgiving 1st Impression Post- Motivation

For this weeks first impression post, I chose to write about option one which was about an emerging problem in America: orthorexia. A couple years ago, I would have never thought that this would be a problem because healthy eating habits seemed pretty much inexistent in America. It is not only until recently, when I started changing my lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise more often that I discovered how seriously people take their eating habits. My healthy eating involves not eating quite as much bread and not eating ice cream every single night, but I found a lot of people, especially on social media that go as far as to count macros on everything that they eat. That seems too time consuming to me. The criteria to be diagnosed for orthorexia seem like they could be very detrimental to a person’s health. It’s good to eat healthy, but when it starts to consume your every thought, and you stress about what will happen to you if you stray from your strict diet, it is no longer healthy. You can not just cut out entire food groups and expect to stay healthy, even things like fats you need in moderation for normal bodily functions. I think orthorexia should be something that patients can be clinically diagnosed with just like someone can be diagnosed with anorexia. It causes negative problems to the person not only physically, but also mentally. It affects a person’s self image which can lead to other problem like depression and should be taken seriously.


One thought on “Thanksgiving 1st Impression Post- Motivation”

  1. I agree with you 100 percent. I do not believe that a person’s thoughts should be consumed by dietary restrictions. Healthy eating is great for obvious reasons, but it becomes not so healthy once someone becomes obsessive with it. I did not read about orthorexia, but according to your post, it sounds like something that needs to be taken seriously. Obesity has swept through our nation and we’ve tried to take steps in the right direction for those citizens with healthy initiatives, so why not have a way to care for those who eat healthy? We as a country should be taking care of all of our citizens, healthy or not. Orthorexia seems like an actual disease that could potentially harm the person diagnosed or lead to other, more serious diseases, so it should be handled like an actual disease with proper treatment.


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