Week 11 First Impression Post- Personality

For this week’s first impression post, I took all four of the personality tests. I was very skeptical about taking these kinds of tests in the past because I doubted their credibility. Now that took each of them, I think I doubt their accuracy even more so. Well… some more than others. The first test said I was an introvert and the third said I was more of an extravert. I found the third test to be the closest to how I would describe myself. It said that I was slightly extroverted, ranked high on emotional stability, agreeableness, and imagination. The one area I scored low in was conscientiousness. I scored a one which means that according to this quiz I am very impulsive and disorganized. I tend to make last minute decisions and am definitely not a planner. I am not a very organized person either, but I have been trying to improve on this. The last quiz where you just chose color blocks I do not find very reliable. I just randomly chose colors by which ones I liked the best so I do not know how this can tell my personality. Color preferences could be different between genders and ages, and could have nothing to do with the personality traits of the person. The results of that test seemed a lot like reading a horoscope. They were generalized and I felt like they could apply to a bunch of different people. For these reasons, I find the third test the most reliable out of all of them, and the last test the least reliable.


One thought on “Week 11 First Impression Post- Personality”

  1. I had the same reaction to the color squares. it seemed like it was the same idea as astrology. I don’t know how picking colors can tell your personality, and it just seemed like it was randomly generated. The rest of the tests however, gave pretty similar answers for me. Maybe you changed your answers on your second or first test to be more or less dishonest? Or maybe you’re right and I just happened to get similar answers and the test really was far fetched (which is very likely.) Either way I agree that the tests probably aren’t very accurate just based on how short they are and how easily they could be manipulated to get the results someone already believes about themselves or wants to be told.


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