First Impression Post- Week 10

For this week’s first impression post I chose to write about option 2. For this option I will be discussing my opinion on violent videogames among children. I have a younger brother, he is thirteen years old. My mom never let him play video games that are violent because she thought it was inappropriate for a kid his age to be playing. When he comes home from school he always says he does not know why he can’t play certain videogames that his friends are playing. He says that kids even younger than him are playing games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. I have seen people play these games and they are downright gory between all the shooting and stabbing. Whoever gets the most “kills” wins the game. Should kids really be getting rewarded for killing people? Even if it is not real, and it is “just a game” as a lot of people say, I still say the answer is no. I don’t think games like that are necessary, or safe to be showing children. If children start playing violent videogames when they are young, they can become less affected by the violent images and become more likely to become violent as they grow up because they are used to seeing violence in their life. What is wrong with playing normal videogames like old school Pac-man or something? I am not a big video gamer, but after all the gun violence that has been occurring in our country I think banning violent games should be a no brainer.


One thought on “First Impression Post- Week 10”

  1. I agree with you that games such as Call of Duty, that glorify killing to succeed, are inherently violent and cannot be causing any good. I wonder, however, where the line is drawn. Games that are much less violent, such as Super Smash Brothers Brawl, are also centered around beating or killing your opponent, but somehow seem more humane since they are cartoons, not humans. Banning all violent video games might be difficult to do until we give an operational definition to what exactly makes up a “violent” video game.


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