Week 5 First Impression Post- Memory

For this weeks First Impression Post, I will be discussing option 1 which is about my study habits. My study habits are something that I have been trying to improve on since the beginning of freshmen year. In high school, I never really had to study to get good grade but when I got to college I realized this was not the case. So high school did not really prepare me for the amount of studying needed to get a good grade in college. I have been experimenting with different techniques, including notecards, to rewriting my notes, to rereading chapters from the book, etc. I have tried techniques that my friends all swear by, but everyone learns differently so what has worked for them may not benefit me as much. For the first exam I looked over my notes and rewrote them hoping that it would drill the content into my brain. I think when I was doing this I was stressed out think about my first big biology exam of the semester which was the same day as the psychology exam and I was not focusing enough on what I was trying to study at the moment. I started studying like three days before the exam so in the future on weeks that I have multiple exams, I am going to start studying a week in advance so maybe I will not get as stressed out. Learning how to study properly for yourself can be something hard to master, sometimes it just takes some time to figure out what method is best for you.


One thought on “Week 5 First Impression Post- Memory”

  1. You are definitely right in that high school is no preperation for the amount of studying you need in college. I can’t remember ever studying more than just the night before an exam in high school and still being able to ace it. Those habits had to quickly change to continue to keep my grades up and it is not an easy nor smooth transition. While I don’t know what would work best for you personally, I do know some things that might make studying easier. Studying in advance is definitely a huge help, especially opposed to studying a lot in one day. Even studying for just 20 minutes a day the week before will help cement the information so much more securely. Also, the more senses that you use to study, the better you will retain it. For example, reading your notes out loud as you rewrite them (which is also a great tip!), or reading along to your notes while another person reads them out loud at the same time activates more areas of the brain than just doing one of the above. I’ve always been told that if you can’t teach an overview of the subject to someone (who isn’t in the field) then you could go for more studying until you can. Teaching someone else the subject is one of the best ways to fully grasp concepts, because you need to continuously break it down until you (and the other person) can easily understand, making sure you know it well enough.


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